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Free Informational Foot Care Videos

At Rainier Medical, we pride ourselves on providing the best and latest foot care education available to foot care nurses and health professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and careers. That’s why Dr. Overstreet has compiled several free videos that cover various important foot care topics, from infection control in diabetic patients to debridement of nails and calluses.

These videos were intended to offer free nail health tips to foot care professionals and provide examples of infection control, foot cleansing, instructions on toenail debridement and clear directions for learning to remove calluses from feet with professional tools available to trained medical staff.

All of our free foot care advice videos are intended to provide supplemental directions for foot care nursing staff and are not recommended for self-diagnosis or at-home treatment.

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Below are more videos

Here are some great videos on foot anatomy and function.  

They were originally posted on YouTube.  

But each has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Overstreet.

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