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Downloadable Forms

  • Qualification Guidelines & Procedures
  • Application Process Flow Chart
  • Application Form
  • Continuing Education Verification Form
  • Hands-on - Preceptor/Proctor Verification Form
  • Certification Examination Contents Guide
  • Certification Exam - Sample Questions
  • Foot Care Nursing Competencies & Standards

Training Resources

You are not limited in the programs that you choose to fulfill the Lecture and Hands-on Foot Care Training requirements.
    This is a partial list of available foot care education programs.
      Any Lecture program that awards Continuing Education Credits...
      And any qualified Hands-on proctor is acceptable.  

        Programs with Foot Care Continuing Education

        Taylor'D Health Education & Consultation
        Hands-on and Classroom foot care training

        Rainier Medical Education Programs
        Hands-on and Classroom foot care training

        American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society

        Emory University School of Medicine

        Cleveland Clinic School of Nursing

        University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

        WebWOC Nursing Education Program

        American Foot Care Nurses Association
        15731 NE 8th St #7029     Bellevue, WA 98008-4538
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