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Re-Certification Requirements

Maintaining certification/re-certification is necessary for those who wish to maintain skills and competency as a Foot Care Specialist.

Re-certification is every five years without any break in certification time.

To Re-certify you must submit:

  1. Application Form  (check re-certification box on Application form)
  2. Re-certification fee of $200.00,
  3. Copy of current nursing license,
  4. Proof of completion of at least 25 CEs directly related to Foot Care
    completed within the 24 month period prior,

  5. Log or verification of at least 50 hours of client/patient foot care
    provided in the twelve months 
    prior to the Application for Re-certification.

* There is no testing for re-certification.

A new certificate will be awarded for another five years.

If applying for re-certification with a break longer than 2 years,
you must apply as a new candidate.

***Go here for Recertification Information and Forms:


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