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August 1, 2020

Free Foot Care Nursing CE Program

Virtual Meetings & CE Programs!!

Because we are all locked at home now...  let's use the time productively!!

We have started virtual (on-line) events.  We began a few weeks ago
and attendance has grown to over 200 participants for each event!  

These are all free.  

"Wound care Fundamentals Part 2"

2.0 Nursing CEs awarded for attendance

August 6, 2020  3:00 PM Pacific Time

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Web Page with previous program videos and handouts


AFCNA Statement on continued foot care practice

during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dear Members,

I have made the decision to cancel all of my clinics thru at least the end of May. We all work with patients who have multiple risk factors.  I don’t feel that it’s safe for them, or us, to continue practice.

This is a financial hardship to us as business owners.  And I’m very sorry for that.  But with the exception of grossly infected ingrowns, we don’t deal with critical care.  And those grossly infected nails should be seen by a provider or podiatrist anyway. It is beyond a nurse’s scope of practice.  Many of our patients have thick, wide, long nails that are uncomfortable in shoes.  They often get minor inflammation and minor infections.  But they are also under quarantine in many parts of the United States.  So with their ambulation significantly curtailed, the risk of it progressing to a severe infection is minimal.

They would like to see us.  And we certainly have an important role in maintaining their health and activity level.

But how horrible would we feel if we possibly transmitted the virus to our at risk patients.  I don’t think that it’s even a close call.  I strongly believe that we need to cancel our clinics until it is safe for us and for our wonderful clients/patients.

Dr. Julia

Dr. Julia Overstreet, DPM, FAPWCA
Diabetic Foot Specialist
Wound care Specialist

           The American Foot Care Nurses Association was founded
        on the idea of creating a community of Foot Care Specialists.

With changes in the US Healthcare system, it is increasingly important to expand avenues of care to under-served communities.  And by its very nature ...  those requiring basic "Routine" foot care are under-served!!  

Podiatrists and other Physicians are traditionally the first line providers of this care. But changes in the Health Care Industry have lead to access and reimbursement issues for many who need care.  This can necessitate
that services such as "Routine Foot Care" be provided by other qualified providers.

Nurses, PAs and other clinical staff are reaching out to obtain the education and training needed to fill the gap
and provide this critical care. 
Our organization has been formed in an attempt to provide a forum for nurses and other providers of routine foot care.  This will allow communication, cooperative learning, and an increase in understanding of best practice protocols and procedures.  

It will help us provide the most professional and appropriate care and truly become partners with other foot care professionals.

Find a Foot Care Provider!

Training & Information

Foot Care Nurse

Need a Foot Care Provider?

If you are someone looking for a professional foot care provider -
you have come to the right place!!  

Our Members are care providers who can help you with your routine foot care. They can handle the thickest toenails and roughest calluses!!!  

Our Members are not Foot Doctors -  Podiatrists.  You should visit your Doctor or Podiatrist regularly. 

But we are here to help you with your "routine" foot care needs such as thick, elongated toenails and
corns & calluses!

Click on this link 
to go to find a Foot Care
Provider near you!

We are foot care providers who have joined forces to advance the practice of foot care through a collaborative and networking process for all foot care providers.  

If we come together and share our resources, our experiences and our passions, we will always provide the best care for our patients!

             Reasons to Join:
  • Members' Directory
  • Educational Programs
  • Supply Resources
  • Forums & Blogs
  • News Updates
  • CDC Infection Control
  • Video Links
  • Meeting National Standards

    Certification represents a commitment to being involved in the changing role of the foot care nurse in treatment and healthcare standards.

    Nurses who achieve certification commit to a national foot care standard of professional competence that demonstrates their understanding of Basic and Advanced foot care in area of nursing practice.

    ***Only Nurses and other qualified Medical Professionals can qualify for Certification

    Foot Care Nurse Certification gives National recognition to competence in Basic and Advanced Nursing Foot Care.

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