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State Chapters - Meeting Goals and Guidelines

The American Foot Care Nurses Association was formed for the purpose of creating a community of Foot Care Specialists.  We are foot care providers who have joined forces to advance the practice of foot care through a collaborative and networking process for all foot care providers. Our goal is to deliver the best possible care for our clients; our mission is to provide professional, literature based routine foot care to allow our clients to live healthy, active lives.

It is also our objective to promote exposure of AFCNA and expand our membership. Membership growth mostly takes place at the local chapter level. That is why it is so important to grow our membership to assure continuity of protocols and training requirements for foot care providers nationwide.

What is an AFCNA Chapter?

  • An AFCNA Chapter is an informal gathering of foot care providers. Meetings may be virtual or in-person.
  • The designated Leader will be a member of AFCNA. Non-member foot care providers are encouraged to
    participate in Chapter activities with the goal of joining AFCNA.   
  • At this time there are no formal bylaws or regulations.
  • The AFCNA Code of Ethics will serve as a guide to propriety and decorum. 
  • Meetings are organized & facilitated by a designated leader who is pre-approved by AFCNA National office.
  • The goal of a local Chapter is to share information and insights that enable foot care providers to fulfill their mission of providing the best possible foot care
    through education, networking and sharing of resources.
  • This is a not-for-profit undertaking (pro bono). There are no dues or fees associated with attending a
    Chapter meeting and there is no designated budget for chapter activity or compensation of time.  
  • Chapters will rely on the availability of community resources and member participation to provide
    meeting space, guest speakers, agendas and other contributions.
  • The planning, implementation, scheduling and hosting of meetings will be in the responsibility of the
    Chapter Leader, who will provide an advance copy of the meeting agenda to AFCNA National Office via email.
  • The National Office is available to offer support, guidance and advice to Chapter Leaders in the execution
    and promotion of Chapter activity. 
  • Chapter meetings are never intended to be an outlet for self-promotion, self-interest, promote
    employment or recruitment, endorse products or services for sale, or engage in a manner that could be considered a conflict of interest   

    As an AFCNA Chapter Leader / Co-Facilitator, You Have an Opportunity to:
  • Represent AFCNA at the local level, at virtual webinar meetings and at National events.
  • Provide an appropriate name for your AFCNA Chapter that represents your region and locale.
  • Help organize events and activities for your local members.
  • Monitor growth, progress and attendance at Chapter activities. Report changes to the AFCNA National Office
  • Participate in conference calls and meetings for Chapter Leaders / Co-Facilitators
  • Post outcomes, events, agendas, photos and story-lines about your meeting and activities on the AFCNA Blog
  • Inspire and motivate other AFCNA members to initiate Chapters in their state localities
  • Be an integral part of the team effort that will help develop AFCNA membership and promote the recognition,
    appreciation and voice of professional foot care nursing across the country…one Chapter at a time

If you would like to build an AFCNA Chapter in your area, become a Chapter Leader or

Co-Facilitator for an AFCNA Chapter, please contact the AFCNA National Office We are eager to hear from you.


If you would like to build an AFCNA Chapter in your area or become a
Chapter Leader or Co-Facilitator for an AFCNA Chapter, please 
download this form and submit it to the AFCNA National Office.

Click to Download Chapter Application Form:  


Return completed form to national office c/o Debbie Fleming, BScN, RN, CFCS

You will be notified of status by return email

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