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Edema & Lymphedema in Foot Care - 1.5 CE Credits

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Edema & Lymphedema in Foot Care - 1.5 CEs Many of our patients are affected by lower extremity swelling, but edema and lymphedema are unique to each patient. More often than not, elevation simply isn't enough, and as foot care nurses our understanding of edema and lymphedema is critical so we can develop better protocols for our practice. Edema needs to be treated. As a foot care nurse, you'll be able to make recommendations to your patients, such as diet changes, compression therapy and elevation. To make the best assessments, it's also crucial that you know your patients' med list; we'll cover a variety of drugs that cause leg edema, such as calcium channel blockers and Estrogen, pieces of knowledge that will help us to quickly determine when we should speak to the primary care physician to discuss changes in treatment. In cases where medication adjustments, a cardiac and renal workup or an ultrasound might be beneficial, you'll be able to provide a direct link between patient and doctor, something that will be hugely beneficial to your patient. Compression Therapy for Lower Extremity Swelling In this video we will discuss all of the treatment steps for edema and lymphedema, including skin care, exercises, manual drainage and compression. Dr. Julia will thoroughly explain the medical purposes of each and how to break treatment up into phases of active intervention and self-management. We'll discuss the benefits of compression wraps; which types of bandages to use and how to wrap the patient's leg correctly. We'll learn about different bandage stretch mechanics, and how these affect your patients' edema.

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