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Fungus Among-Us - 1.5CE Credits

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Fungus Among-us - 1.5CE This video is intended for nurses and other providers who are preparing to become certified in routine foot care, whether the goal is to switch into the field or simply add additional skills to the repertoire. This video provides 1.5 Nursing CEs. This is a downloadable video. We will send you a link for the download shortly after receiving your payment. In this video, we'll discuss basic and in-depth information regarding nail fungus, misconceptions, available treatments and more. You'll learn more about nail anatomy and physiology so that you can accurately notate and describe where a problem lies, and we'll also talk about the types of procedures that are in the scope of your nursing practice. We'll talk about what makes patients more prone to developing dermal fungal infections and discuss the two types of fungal toenails, how to spot them, what types of conditions can mimic common fungal infections and which treatments do and don't work. In this segment, you'll also learn more about avulsions, matrixectomies and antibiotics. This video also discusses a range of common nail findings such as lytic nails, subungual and periungual purulence, lesions, pyogenic granulomas and dystrophic nails. You'll learn about the various available approaches to treating these conditions including debridement and oral antifungals, and together we'll analyze how oral antifungals could impact a patient's overall health. Proper treatment is essential, so we'll examine the effectiveness of topical mycotic nail treatments including tea tree, undecenoic acid and miconazole, and whether or not natural at-home remedies can be effective.

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