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Musculoskeletal Problems & Solutions - 1.0CE Credits

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Musculoskeletal Problems & Solutions - 1.0CE Many problems related to the feet can be treated or at the very least properly mitigated, particularly in the early stages of the condition's development and progression. As a foot care nurse, you'll be helping your patients keep their quality of life longer not only by providing routine care, but also by effectively identifying foot, nail and skin issues that can be helped with the right intervention. In this video, we'll talk about the most common types of foot problems and deformities and how these affect gait. While some of these will ultimately require a referral to a specialist such as a surgeon, there are plenty of actions you can take as a nurse specializing in foot care, in order to help your patients today. Whether your patients have pain from untreated pressure points caused by hammertoes or they suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis, you'll first need to be able to quickly and effectively identify the issue before you're able to recommend a course of action. Common Musculoskeletal Problems Foot Care Nurses Encounter high arches low arches overpronation supination bunions hammertoes phalangeal prominences plantar fasciitis heel spurs Sometimes, the treatment is as simple as changing the patient's footwear to properly accommodate their toe box. Regardless of the treatment, your knowledge will be paramount to the patient's future success; in order to keep them active and walking, we'll need to understand the causes of problems and deformities, identify and chart them, and be familiar with correction methods that work - and those that are simply a waste of money.

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