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Routine Foot Care Visit Essentials - 2.0CE Credits

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Routine Foot Care Visit Essentials - 2.0CE As a nurse specializing in foot care, a significant portion of your patients will fall into a "high risk" category, in terms of foot care. Elderly patients, particularly those with venous disease, arterial disease and neuropathy will require special attention, and it's important that you're able to identify a high-risk foot within minutes of making your initial visual assessment. In this video, we'll talk about very specific strategies you'll be able to incorporate into your exam in order to pinpoint small problem areas that carry the potential to evolve into more significant complications. By correctly identifying foot care issues and determining whether they're within your own scope of practice or require a referral, you'll be able to make big differences in the lives of your patients. This is a downloadable video. We will send you a link for the download shortly after receiving your payment. In this video, we'll discuss the difference between routine and advanced foot care, identify the goals of routine foot care and provide examples of scenarios that are routine vs. not routine, when it may not be immediately obvious. Throughout the course of the video, Dr. Julia will provide information for pre-treatment exams and charting, including in-depth instructions for foot and toe inspection to identify neuropathic injuries such as lesions from ill-fitting shoes.

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