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Shoes, Socks & Inserts for High Risk Feet - 1.5 CE Credits

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Shoes, Socks & Inserts for High Risk Feet - 1.5 CE Credits This goes beyond just diabetics. Seniors, those with comorbidity, and vascular insufficiencies are susceptible to foot injury and disease without proper footwear and equipment. This video will cover footwear and inserts that help care for high risk feet. We'll look at literature, clinical experience, and recommendations on proper shoes, socks, and inserts to help correct various ailments. Shoes, Socks & Inserts for High Risk Feet Video Contents: Evidence-based categories of high risk feet Evaluation of three categories of peripheral neuropathy and the damage they can cause to the feet and lower extremities Different parts of a shoe and their function to create foot protection and stability Specific shoe designs features which are appropriate for high risk feet Modifications, which can be made to shoes which make them more appropriate for protection, stability and fit Shoe design such as "rocker bottom soles" and various types of materials for the sole of the shoe Methods to test and evaluate shoes that patients may bring in for your evaluation of the appropriate fit and function for them Understand the design and materials of socks which makes them appropriate for diabetic and other high risk patients Evaluation of orthotics and insoles and the features which make them appropriate for accommodation of foot deformities The design of corrective types of inserts versus accommodative inserts and evaluating their benefit to the patient Different types of lacing techniques which can be helpful to relieve pressure at bony prominences, nerve pressure and to improve the fit of shoes

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