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But first, let's give some definitions...

What is a Foot Care Nurse

A Foot Care Nurse is a registered nurse who has become specialized in the care of "routine" foot care problems. 

While each Foot Care Nurse works independently and their practice may vary, here is some general information on the care provided.
  • The Foot Care Nurse will take a brief history including:
    • underlying disease
    • history foot health
    • current medications

  • The Nurse will then thoroughly examine your feet documenting:
    • foot structure
    • foot health
    • circulation

  • The Nurse will ask to examine the shoes that you are currently wearing to ensure that they are safe for your feet.
  • The Nurse will talk with you throughout the exam and treatment and will share the information on prevention, health promotion and services available to you in the community.
  • Treatment usually includes:
    • trimming nails
    • filing nails
    • reducing thick nails if needed
    • callouses and corns reduced or removed
    • removing ingrown part of nail if required
  • The Nurse may make recommendations for you to visit your medical doctor if problems are discovered during the brief history and physical examination.  It is your responsibility to follow through on this recommendation for your best health and safety.

While the Foot Care Nurse is a highly trained member

of the health care team, he or she is not a Podiatrist or Medical Doctor. 

However, they will refer you to physicians and other specialists

as deemed appropriate. 

NOTE: Foot Care Nurses listed in this Directory are independent providers                                        and AFCNA does not warrant their training or competency.

Our membership of Foot Care Nurses is growing every day.                             

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